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The Emotional Truth About Hearing loss


About Hearing Loss

The Emotional Truth About Hearing Loss

We Understand What You Are Going Through

We understand how you feel about losing your hearing and we know that it can be very confusing as to what to do about it.  It’s embarrassing to have to keep asking people to repeat, so instead, you just nod and smile. When you miss the punchline of the joke, it’s frustrating.  In a noisy restaurant, it’s difficult to follow along with the conversation.

We know that once you realize you’re missing out, you don’t know what to do or where to start.  There are so many ads in the newspaper and on TV that it’s just so confusing.  And, you’ve heard hearing aids are expensive.

As the AccuHear family, we’ve experienced how an individual’s hearing loss can impact family relationships.  We know that it hinders communication and causes frustration and isolation.

We know that you are not overjoyed with the prospect of wearing hearing aids.  We understand that it’s no different than losing anything else in your life, i.e. a loved one, a pet, a job, etc.  It’s like you’re losing a part of yourself or admitting a weakness.

It seems logical to put off getting help for a minor inconvenience because your hearing is not “that bad.” Hearing loss is a gradual progression and your prospective? continually readjusts itself to the point where you are missing out on more than you realize.

You Are Not Alone in Your Hearing Loss

It may feel like you are alone, but many people are dealing with hearing loss. Actually, 1 in 10 Americans suffer from some form of hearing loss. It’s an emotional journey, one through which you need support. The good news is that, there is help.  Finding the right professionals is the key to improving your hearing health and engaging you back into life.  We walk you through everything you need to know.

Reconnect Back To Life

Your life is worth hearing. Fix your hearing and reconnect back to life.  Get the guidance and treatment you need from great experienced professionals at AccuHear. We can help guide and treat your hearing loss. We are here to help you understand your options, whether you buy from us or not. We understand because we have helped over 10,000 people hear better and we can help you too.

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About Hearing Professionals

The Truth About Hearing Healthcare Professionals

Where You Go Matters

All hearing aid professionals are not created equal. Unfortunately, our area is saturated with unqualified, inexperienced hearing aid salespeople. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Some are just salespeople in white coats that work on commissions and some are in training with white coats who lack the skills and experience necessary to help you hear better. Most use high-pressure tactics and charge thousands of dollars more for the same hearing aids. At AccuHear, you’ll find just the opposite.

Choosing the wrong provider will cost you more money in the long run, cause you time and frustration, and may leave you feeling hopeless. Many providers lack the experience and programming skills necessary to guide and counsel you to your best hearing solution. This causes high turnover rate in our competitors’ offices. Basically, inexperienced dispensers do not last long and if you go down the wrong path, you will see many different salespeople over the lifetime of your hearing aids leading to inconsistent and poor quality hearing healthcare. When you choose AccuHear, you can expect honest, realistic answers to all your hearing concerns.

Choosing the right professional is more important than the hearing aids you choose. This is much like choosing the best surgeon for your hip replacement rather than the brand of titanium placed in your hip. The truth is, choosing your hearing professional is the most important decision in starting your journey to better hearing. Your provider is responsible for tuning and adjusting the hearing aid to work best for you, and your communication with your provider will greatly impact how well you can hear. The provider plus the hearing aid and great service is what gives you the best results and is the only way to overcome your hearing challenges long term.

Finding a Trusted Advisor

Now that you know you need a trusted provider, the following criteria is what to look for when choosing.

  • Credentials And Board Certification
    • Your board certified team at AccuHear is at the top of their field and more than qualified to address all of your hearing needs.
  • Experience
    • Having credentials is not enough.  Nothing can replace the knowledge gained from helping over 10,000 people hear better.  We’ve accomplished that in our 25 years serving Spring Hill.
  • Longevity
    • Hearing aids are a long-term investment, sometimes five years or more. Over the years, many hearing aid practices come and go, leaving their patients behind.
  • Training
    • We strive to set standards in our field and that’s why we attend several continuing education conferences every year.

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About Buying Hearing Aids

The Truth About Buying Hearing Aids

Buying Hearing Aids Shouldn’t Be Complicated

Due to an incredible amount of information in the marketplace, shopping for hearing aids can be exhausting. It can seem so overwhelming, you may even get stuck. Choosing the right professionals can help you sort out the details and make the best hearing solution for you. Purchasing hearing aids is individualized to your unique hearing needs. They’re not a one-size-fits all, cookie cutter solution. And, cost isn’t the only issue. Never judge a book by its cover. Many hearing aids look alike on the outside and many people make the mistake of buying the one that looks just like the more expensive one. The truth is, you pay for the technology inside the hearing aid. The better the technology the better you hear, plain and simple. Does that mean you have to go outside your budget to hear better? No, but many people make the mistake of under buying only to turn around in a couple of years and purchase other hearing aids because they are disappointed. The professionals at AccuHear will help you make the best choice the first time. In today’s economy, we all have to be price conscious. Being well informed of your options when it comes to buying hearing aids is no different. The truth is anyone can beat a price, but going with a provider based on a cheaper price is not always wise. The couple of hundred dollars you save upfront may cost you in the long. Choosing the right provider is the most critical decision you can make when purchasing hearing aids. AccuHear was started to simply your hearing solutions. Read OUR STORY.

We Simplify the Process for You

At AccuHear, we simplify the process for you. We offer you a free consultation by one of our board certified specialists which includes a comprehensive hearing exam. Based on these results, we guide you through the process and help you choose the best hearing solution for you.

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About Hearing Aid Frustration

Frustrated with your Hearing Aids?

We Can Help!
Choosing the wrong provider or having a bad experience can leave you feeling scammed, ripped off and frustrated. If you are unhappy with your current hearing aids, we can help even if you purchased them somewhere else. There may be a simple, inexpensive solution. We offer you a risk-free option to come in and get a new assessment. Let us help you never be frustrated with your hearing again. We’re only satisfied when we meet your expectations.


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